Monday, May 27, 2013

Albertadromeus Syntarsus

So, for the first dinosaur discussed here, and the most recent dinosaur discovery I could find, let's talk about Albertadromeus. Al Dromeus was discovered recently in Canada, which is, if you don't know, one of the hottest dinosaur sites on the planet. Anywhere with a troodon is a cool place in my book. This new dinosaur has been named from a leg bone, and according to this femur, it was an herbivore and an incredibly fast runner. Several scientists believe it would have been a highly maneuverable animal, so it would probably have been good at dodging bullets.
The beast was about 15 feet long and weighted 16 kilograms, "comparable to a turkey" says the article. So if you wanted, you could duct tape some knives to it's feet and watch it duke it out against a velociraptor. But that might count as some kind of prehistoric animal abuse. If laws like that exist. This find makes Albertadromeus the smallest currently known herbivore in Canada, so I guess that's interesting.
Here's the article if you want to check it out.

Next time it will be some other kind of dinosaur. I'll have to decide.

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