Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pegomastax Africanus

So today's post will be on pegomastax. Enjoy!
        Pegomastax was an early jurassic herbivore with one heck of a face.  It had two large fangs on its lower jaw, which many scientists believe were used to dig up roots and tubers.  It is also possible they could have used these fangs in territorial fights and disputes with mating rivals. This animal was just 2 feet long and weighed only 15 pounds, and in body shape looked pretty much like a little theropod.  Another surprising feature of pegomastax was its great number of porcupine-style quills, which some scientists believe would've been used to make the animal look larger to predators. In my opinion, it seems more likely that these quills, with proper coloration, could have functioned as some kind of camouflage, helping it blend into the Jurassic ferns.  All the pictures I found of pegomastax pictured the animal with an incredibly belligerent look on its face. Maybe that was just the fangs.

How could Quetz pass her up with a head of hair like that?

Nah, it wasn't just the fangs. Needless to say this little herbivore would probably put up quite the fight if you tried to take her roots and tubers.

Next one will be about another dinosaur methinks.


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